Friday, December 21, 2012


Over the past few years I have often waxed and waned between posting all of the time to nothing for months. Sometimes this was because I was busy or because I didn't have a whole hell of a lot going on in my life to write about. Sometimes I forced myself to write things and they turned out shitty. And now that I've moved out of New York it just isn't the same anymore. I'm finding it even harder to write, even when things are going on. Maybe Kitty Kat Conundrums was a chapter in my life that has to come to an end. Maybe it's time to find another subject matter. One that doesn't revolve around me being a giant slutaluffagus.

So, while I'm sad to say goodbye to this chapter of KKC, I'm happy to introduce a new one:

Kitty Kat Conversations.

It's still KKC, it's just a new chapter. I'm trying out a new format this time. Instead of just stories and my own ramblings (although I'm sure there will be plenty of those too!) you'll find conversations, emails and texts between me and my equally strange and entertaining friends. And since something strange happens to me basically everyday it's bound to be more regular that my current writing schedule.

So check it out. You'll find many of the same characters as over here only this  time you get their words as well as mine.

 My twitter will remain under the name @KKatConundrums and you can still reach me via my current email address (

I love you all and hope you tune in for the next chapter.


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